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Oxymoronic Shepherd's Pie

Posted by c5 on 2006.01.03 at 02:27
food mood: traditional with a twist
Another thing I prepared for the Weirdok Xmas Party was a beef dish prepared a la Shepherd's pie. It was supposed to have been prepared with lengua to go with the Spanish theme but the date for the party was settled way too close to the actual party so I and e1camino did not have enough time to go and find lengua for that evening. So I had to make do with sirloin tips.

sirloin tips (1 kilo)
potatoes (1 kilo, boiled and mashed)
portabello mushrooms (1/2 kilo)
white button mushrooms (1/2 kilo)
shitake mushrooms (1/2 kilo)
butter (1/2 bar)
olive oil
onions (2 white, minced)
red wine (1/2 cup)
all purpose cream (1 can)
white cheese (could be feta, could be the carabao cheese you can get at the salcedo market on Saturdays; cut into strips)
salt and pepper

baking dish
knife and cutting board

Peel, season and boil the potatoes. Then make mashed potatoes out of them. Set aside.

Melt butter in a bit of olive oil, then sweat the onions in in until they're clear. Add the mushrooms. When the mushrooms have wilted a bit, add the sirloin tips. Pour red wine over the beef, lower the heat and allow to simmer until the wine is all bubbly. Mix in the cream. Season with salt and pepper. Then turn off the heat.

Pour the beef thingie into the baking dish, then cover it with the mashed potatoes. Place the strips of white cheese artfully on top of the potatoes.

Bake the pie in a 200 degree C. oven for 30 minutes. Allow to set for about 15 minutes before serving.

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